Bike to Work Day!

OK, we ALL love bikes here at FluffyCo. Not only do we like to use them in our designs, but we ride them too. Two of us don’t even own a car! Fortunately, San Francisco and really the entire Bay Area, is very pro-bike. There are so many excellent bike shops, bike events, and even a local, non-profit car sharing service which we use when we just can’t get somewhere on a bike. What kind of events you may be wondering? Well there are many, but one huge celebratory bike event just happened yesterday: Bike to Work Day! This is actually something that happens all over the country, can you imagine what the USA would look like if everyone just biked to work, even for one day? I know for some it’s not possible, but ye old hills and obstacles aside–for many it is possible. Holland does it! Even in NYC, there are now Bike lanes in Time Square, with their own bike stop lights.

Anyways, one of us participated in yesterday’s event, and has some pics to prove it. There were many “energizer stations” situated all over the SF Bay area yesterday, sponsored by local businesses and organizations where a biker could stop by and pick up any number of treats, gear, free bike maintence, but most of all a sense of pride and community in their choice to ride a bike! Spontaneous conversations over a free, hot cup of Peet’s coffee, organic pumpkin raisin muffins, and meeting my newspaper man were some of my highlights. I see him every morning and he always wishes me a good day, but i didn’t know he rode a bike…or his name.

Stay tuned for more awesome posts on SF bike stuff! But now a few silly pics:

For more info on Bike to work day and other events check out: or

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