New York Early Autumn!

via Towleroad

Hey, Paulina here.

At Fluffyco, we do two tradeshows each season— POOL in Vegas and the New York International Gift Fair in NYC. This year they were both at the same exact time, so I decided to fly in from Poland to work the New York show. I used to live in New York back in 2001, so it’s always nice to come back, see old friends, check out some art and generally troll around.

One of the highlights of the trip this year was getting to see my buddy Alyssa from Brooklyn Rehab not once, but twice. She’s recently quit her day job (first step to true happiness) to focus on her business. She makes hand-cast porcelain items and all sorts of cool souvenir-type items from NYC. Check out her shop on Etsy.

I got to stop by the PS1 Warm-Up in Long Island City, where this shimmering tinsel was hanging. The quinquennial Greater New York show was also on view at the same time, and featured tons of different artists and collectives from New York City and its vicinity.

Here’s a pic from Greenpoint, my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was nice to have some extra time to cruise around the area, which is a pretty fantastic mix of industrial spaces, arts-minded residents, and old Polish families. (And in a complete coincidence, our Marketing/Web Assistant Thomas has two friends who run a gallery right at this intersection! Check out Perfect Wave Gallery for more info!)

If you’re looking for more pictures of the Gift Fair or other rad travels in NYC, check out our Flickr LookBook.

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