Double Dutch!

Double Dutchess: trying to take a sport that’s mostly done by children, introduce it to the chic young professionals of San Francisco, and fend off the haters!

I’ve been friends with Val (the athletic blonde in the NSFW “Flextasy” video below) for years, since before she even worked at the Blueplate, and that was a long time ago. She and three other ladies are actually teaching workshops in double dutch in SF now, so you can learn. It is super fun and healthy, and a great way to spend some time outdoors doing something positive with friends. Check out their site, which includes class schedules and other awesome stuff, here.

Flextasy (2004) redux from Kate Hupp on Vimeo.

During a visit to San Francisco in 2003, I was so into what these girls were doing that I actually started a double-dutch team in Seattle called Treat Street Double Dutch (out of love for that area off 24th St. in SF). Then a few years back one of their members and an old friend started Brooklyn Double Dutch, which is still going today.

Check out this video of Double Dutchess below, which includes views of San Francisco Bay with a good sound mix and hot girls showing the ropes who’s boss and making it look easy. It isn’t.

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