David Bowie said it best.

I’ve been keeping up with Spring 2011 on the super-convenient NY Times coverage online, which lists all the shows and lets you zoom in to really check out all the looks. Though we’re more of a design brand and so pretty disconnected from the Runway, there’s a lot of meme cross-over between fashion, art, and design.

ORGANIC PATTERNS are everywhere. Gorgeous forms inspired by nature as well as more traditional florals, all over the runways. I was already planning on doing an IKAT inspired pattern for next season- so it’s great to see these. I’ve been obsessing over this Derek Lam print so much I can see it with my eyes closed.

Anna and Erin had a pair of snakeskin patterned skintight pants lying around the studio forever (I think they were too small for one of them, too big for the other… awaiting alterations). I thought they were spectacular and apparently the people at Thakoon have been thinking along those lines too.

ORANGE is a big theme. Stripes and patterns in bright neon colors. I don’t know how wearable an orange teeshirt really is, but something to think about, maybe as an accent.

AND OF COURSE Black and white are back for Spring as usual, this time as solids with lots of translucency and cut outs for a sort of graphic appeal. The white is pretty epic actually… Especially with all the neon, or mixed with Leopard at Dolce and Gabbana.

Check out our Flickr to see some more pics that are starting to inspire our next season. The Textiles pics on there have got us thinking too. All runway photos from the NY Times.

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