Poster Madness

I love this poster so much, it's just perfect. And the COLORS.

When not creative directing FluffyCo, I like to put my creative energy into the not-so-simple art of Poster design. Living here in Poland ironically puts me an ocean away from our fully equipped screen-printing studio in the Mission, but gives me the time and perspective to design and print. So alas, I am back in the kitchen over here, moving the dirty dishes out of the way to awkwardly sponge the water-based ink off my screens. On the upside, the printmaking paper store is right downstairs.

So I’ve been printing some pieces for my side-project TUYYO Studio, and trolling the web, finding ridiculous amounts of cool stuff. Here’s some of it.

You can find the designers and pieces above on their respective websites or on the super-comprehensive, time-sucking design-hole of Also check out The American Poster Institute for more endless links and info having to do with this medium and related events.

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