FluffyCo is a small, friendly business committed to great design and sustainable production. The line was started in San Francisco in 2005, from a blank sheet of paper and the idea to create a positive, inclusive, design-driven brand. Originally founded by designer Paulina Berczynski, the company has grown to three in-house employees, working with independent and small businesses partners. We make it happen in our Mission studio.

In 2009 and 2010, Paulina is living in both in San Francisco and Lodz, Poland (city of her birth). Paulina is deep into Polish culture and when not going under-cover as a Polish mom about town, she is skypeing it up with the staff and bringing a unique transcontinental perspective to her work.

Each season, we draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, midcentury and modern design, the culture and ideas of our beloved San Francisco, and artistic concepts from around the world. These inspirations help us create products that are useful, artful and made in a way we can stand behind.

We offer our products online through our online store, and in over 200 boutiques throughout the US and worldwide. Check out our site for more info about FluffyCo and to find independent boutiques in your area that carry our line. Check out this blog and/or facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube if you want to dork out with us and see what we’re into.

Thanks for your interest in FluffyCo!


One Response to About

  1. jend says:

    blog looks great!
    so inspiring!
    come home we miss your creative genius.

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