Just ran across a blog by Lisa Congdon, SF Artist and co-conspirator in the Upper Market boutique Rare Device (one of our beloved stockists). It’s a collection a  day – with themes of  vintage, typography, crafts, and design – a document to be published in book form next year, and available for pre-order now.

I’ve got little collections going too: my vintage office supplies and make-up packaging, carved wooden birds, Pulp novels, Pyrex and pine cones would fit right in with these.

Collections like this make me think of two of the great Masters of design, Tibor Kalman, whose collections were laid out at the SFMoma about 10 years ago… he had a thing for packaging too. Something about preserving and fetishizing cultural ephemera like a spaghetti box… it’s a beautiful thing. Really seeing those details that surround us- or rather, that surrounded the generations before us. It’s harder to do in the present.

The other designer I’m thinking of is of course, the remarkable Ray Eames, brilliant and talented wife of Charles. She was an avid collector of small beautiful things. In fact, her interest in collections influenced both the Polaroid land-camera ad she and Charles developed and the iconic Eames House of Cards, which is in itself a lovely collection. Ray is my hero. Her and Gaga, but Ray is here to stay.

The Eames House (pictured above) is so magnificent that it is hard to picture mere mortals setting it up like this, then sitting around mulling over the ideas that were to shape modern design as we know it. It is one of the magnificent houses in the architectural Case Study House Program.

Thinking ahead to Spring 2011… time to start getting inspired. I will be back in California, unpacking all of my belongings, which have been in storage at the studio since I originally left for LODZ in early 2009. I should do a random photographic inventory of all the things I remember (Mexican black-pottery skulls, vintage magazines) and the stuff I forgot I even own.

And/or maybe a teeshirt or poster? Another collection of birds? Book Covers? Or maybe flowers if I could do them right… it is hard to make flowers tough enough.

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Double Dutch!

Double Dutchess: trying to take a sport that’s mostly done by children, introduce it to the chic young professionals of San Francisco, and fend off the haters!

I’ve been friends with Val (the athletic blonde in the NSFW “Flextasy” video below) for years, since before she even worked at the Blueplate, and that was a long time ago. She and three other ladies are actually teaching workshops in double dutch in SF now, so you can learn. It is super fun and healthy, and a great way to spend some time outdoors doing something positive with friends. Check out their site, which includes class schedules and other awesome stuff, here.

Flextasy (2004) redux from Kate Hupp on Vimeo.

During a visit to San Francisco in 2003, I was so into what these girls were doing that I actually started a double-dutch team in Seattle called Treat Street Double Dutch (out of love for that area off 24th St. in SF). Then a few years back one of their members and an old friend started Brooklyn Double Dutch, which is still going today.

Check out this video of Double Dutchess below, which includes views of San Francisco Bay with a good sound mix and hot girls showing the ropes who’s boss and making it look easy. It isn’t.

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Amazing Astronomy Posters

Self-taught British graphic designer Simon C Page designed these posters late last year for the International Year of Astronomy. Inspired by retro sci-fi and space imagery from the Cold War era, these are seriously mind-bending yet tasteful takes on a style we love at Fluffyco. Check out some more of Page’s art on his blog, as well as more astronomy posters below!

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New York Early Autumn!

via Towleroad

Hey, Paulina here.

At Fluffyco, we do two tradeshows each season— POOL in Vegas and the New York International Gift Fair in NYC. This year they were both at the same exact time, so I decided to fly in from Poland to work the New York show. I used to live in New York back in 2001, so it’s always nice to come back, see old friends, check out some art and generally troll around.

One of the highlights of the trip this year was getting to see my buddy Alyssa from Brooklyn Rehab not once, but twice. She’s recently quit her day job (first step to true happiness) to focus on her business. She makes hand-cast porcelain items and all sorts of cool souvenir-type items from NYC. Check out her shop on Etsy.

I got to stop by the PS1 Warm-Up in Long Island City, where this shimmering tinsel was hanging. The quinquennial Greater New York show was also on view at the same time, and featured tons of different artists and collectives from New York City and its vicinity.

Here’s a pic from Greenpoint, my old neighborhood in Brooklyn. It was nice to have some extra time to cruise around the area, which is a pretty fantastic mix of industrial spaces, arts-minded residents, and old Polish families. (And in a complete coincidence, our Marketing/Web Assistant Thomas has two friends who run a gallery right at this intersection! Check out Perfect Wave Gallery for more info!)

If you’re looking for more pictures of the Gift Fair or other rad travels in NYC, check out our Flickr LookBook.

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The World of Polish Film Posters

By strange coincidence, three of four FluffyCo employees are at least half Polish,
and the other one has a Polish girlfriend. While this does not mean that we
are downing shots of vodka and bites of kielbasa between emails, it does
mean we’re into some of the culture’s unique bohemian art forms, notably the
crazy dark world of Polish cinema, and the inspiring field of Polish poster

Paulina became interested in Polish poster art when she saw her first psychedelic
circus (CYRK) poster form the ’70s. Poland has an amazingly rich and
developed tradition in poster design, with a special cultural emphasis on
psychedelia, the absurd, and the macabre.

When in Poland, Paulina always stop by some of her favorite poster galleries to
drool over vintage Polanski movie posters, awesome new ones for Almodovar
and Jarmusch movies, and my favorite vintage CYRK posters (though most of the
best are long out of print or super expensive).

Check out Katowice’s Robotaposter and Warsaw’s Galeria Plakatu for more awesome poster images. And if you’re in Warsaw anytime soon, there’s a fascinating Polish Poster Museum that is well worth a visit.
Finally, the Krakow Poster Gallery is our ultimate favorite spot in Old Krakow. We even traded with the owner (and poster fanatic) for some of FluffyCo’s multimedia posters last time we were in town!

Some more of our favorite posters:

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Favorite Artist: Maya Hayuk

Maya Hayuk is one of our favorite artists. Working primarily in the mural arts but spanning all visual media, Hayuk’s work can be found in public spaces in Paris, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Miami, and Pittsburgh, among other places. Recent solo shows have happened at Brooklyn’s Cinders Gallery, Columbus, Ohio’s Mahan Gallery, and San Francisco’s Upper Playground, among others.
Her work has also been featured in such cutting-edge magazines as XLR8R, Juxtapoz, and the illustrious Artforum.

Born in Baltimore, MD, Hayuk lives and works in Brooklyn. Check out some more of her awesome work below. (For full-size images, just click through!)

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Our Favorite Local Print Shop.

While we print a ton of our designs and merchandise in-house, we also support our local businesses like Ape Do Good Printing! They are some our favorite people, and their work is as excellent as their personalities. We think it’s very important to do business with small, family-owned companies whenever we can, thus supporting our local economy and building lasting relationships that begin to feel less like work, and more like family. Check out their very cool digs, and see if you can spy some Fluffy.

Want more info on Ape? Go to their website.

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