The World of Polish Film Posters

By strange coincidence, three of four FluffyCo employees are at least half Polish,
and the other one has a Polish girlfriend. While this does not mean that we
are downing shots of vodka and bites of kielbasa between emails, it does
mean we’re into some of the culture’s unique bohemian art forms, notably the
crazy dark world of Polish cinema, and the inspiring field of Polish poster

Paulina became interested in Polish poster art when she saw her first psychedelic
circus (CYRK) poster form the ’70s. Poland has an amazingly rich and
developed tradition in poster design, with a special cultural emphasis on
psychedelia, the absurd, and the macabre.

When in Poland, Paulina always stop by some of her favorite poster galleries to
drool over vintage Polanski movie posters, awesome new ones for Almodovar
and Jarmusch movies, and my favorite vintage CYRK posters (though most of the
best are long out of print or super expensive).

Check out Katowice’s Robotaposter and Warsaw’s Galeria Plakatu for more awesome poster images. And if you’re in Warsaw anytime soon, there’s a fascinating Polish Poster Museum that is well worth a visit.
Finally, the Krakow Poster Gallery is our ultimate favorite spot in Old Krakow. We even traded with the owner (and poster fanatic) for some of FluffyCo’s multimedia posters last time we were in town!

Some more of our favorite posters:

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